Personal training in fayetteville

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Personal Training in Fayetteville

Fitness for Individuals in Fayetteville, NC

Fitness comes in various forms. Private personal sessions are tailored to achieve specific fitness goals. From losing weight, performance, or training for a race. During the first session we review the intake form, conduct a fitness assessment, and discuss fitness objectives. I use a combination of weight lifting, high intensity interval training, cardio, plyometrics and body suspension training to develop an integrated program. Private personal training sessions in Fayetteville, NC are beneficial for clients with busy schedules or clients looking to maximize fitness results in a specific timeframe. Schedule a free consultation today. 

Private Sessions (without a package)

  • 1, 30-minute session is $30.00
  • 1, 45-minute session is $45.00
  • 1, 60-minute session is $55.00


Private Sessions (with a package)

  • 4, 30-minute sessions are $100.00
  • 4, 60-minute sessions  are $200.00
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Benefits of Our Personal Training

Our Personal Training are all about you – your pace, your goals, your schedule

Top-Tier Yoga Instructors

All yoga instructors are rigorously vetted to ensure you receive the most effective personalized yoga experience catered to your needs.

Benefits Of Yoga

Improve your balance and flexibility while alleviating muscle pain, anxiety, depression, and stress. Your instructor will listen and customize your experience for your goals.

Unmatched Convenience

You have complete control over your schedule, and the power to schedule your class to fit your life.

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Leading Safety Measures

We require instructors and clients to securely verify their identity before their first in-person class to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable.

Hands-On Assists

Instructors provide personalized adjustments to ensure proper alignment so you experience a safe and effective practice for your body.

Build A Home Practice

Through communication and collaboration, your instructor will work with you to develop a healthy practice that meets your needs.


Let's Talk

If you’re ready to take the next step in your life to a healthier you, reach out. We’re ready to listen.

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